BI2U Antioxidant Skin Essence ........
Protect Your Whole Body Skin 

Amazing, Highly Effective, Easy To Use...... from Natural Fruits & Flowers

Extracted from natural organic fruits & flowers Produced by the German’s high nanotechnology. You just need to spray it on your skin after cleansing. A perfect product suitable for all kind of skins, highly effective & promote healthy skin..

Effects On Skin: 

Brightening, firming, rejuvenating, whitening, remove dark spot, anti-wrinkle, refreshing, anti-bacterial, sterilizing, comforts, reduce redness, moisturizing, reshaping, regenerating, energizing, health treatment & etc….

Main ingredients in Bi2U Antioxidant Skin Essence

Water: Pure Organic Water
Fruit Essence: Guava, Fresh Orange, Mangosteen Peel
Flowers Essence: Cotton Rose, Hibiscus

Functionality of Ingredient

Cotton Rose: Traditionally use for moisturizing, maintains skin vitality & elasticity, skin nourishing & anti-wrinkle. It has the effects of relaxing, anti-inflammation & relieve fatigue

Hibiscus:Traditionally use for skin sterilization, detoxification, relieve swelling, activate blood oxygen, improve skin energy & regeneration

Guava:Rich with nutrient B & C which are needed for skin. Effectively promote collagen regeneration & anti-aging. Its rich content of potassium also has the function of skin moisturizer

Mangosteen Peel: Contains massive tannic acid for pore toning, anti-bacterial & stop itchiness function. Use in treating acne & skin wound, restore chronic wound, sterilization, pain killer. It is the most effective natural formulation for anti-aging & anti-wrinkle.

Product Strength:

High anti-oxidant ingredient, nanotechnology production, long lasting effect, multi-functions. Natural, No Side Effect.
• Beauty Care
• Special Care
• Health Care

Product Function

Antioxidant Skin Essence is a natural skincare specially formulated for skin, a high quality anti-oxidant product. Effectively skin penetration for skin detoxification & regeneration, therefore improve skin absorption for a more healthy skin.

1.  Ingredients in Hibiscus, rose, mangosteen: detoxification, relieve swelling
2.  Most effective anti-oxidant effect to promote skin elasticity, firming, fining
3.  Blood circulation, reduce eye bag, dark eye circle, improves face & neck wrinkle
4.  Pore cleansing, toning & prevent pore from blocked
5.  Accelerate wound heals, reactivate cell tissue, promote cell regeneration
6.  Speedy restore well feeling of skin from itchiness
7.  Face cell protection from the radiation damage
8.  Balance cholesterol, refine skin quality, make skin more brightening
9.  Helps for breast detoxification, prevent breast cancer & relieve from breast swelling

Applicable Area

• Eye inflammation, otitis, pharyngolaryngitis, toothache and tinnitus
• Pregnancy mark, skin scar, aging-spots
• Pimples, acne skin relaxation, thick pore
• Skin swelling, itchiness, vulvitis
• Tumor, diabetes wound
• Burns, slight cuts injury

Usage: Just spray on the necessary areas after cleansing of skin

1. Eye Treatment (After cleansing)

  • Dispose eye wrinkle, reduce dark eye circle, eye bag. Use it on day time and night time, spray on the eye area (do gentle massages for better result).
  • Eye fatigue: sprays directly on the eye orbital.
  • Ocular inflammation: sprays directly on the eye (1 spray with interval of 15 minutes in 1 hour).

2. Face Treatment

  • Daily maintenance, spray on the face and neck areas during day time and night time after cleansing.
  • For pimples treatment, reduce red swelling. After cleansing, spray it to cotton and place it on the treatment area (15 min) or spray 1 time in every 15 min.
  • Moisturize facial mask: spray it onto the face mask and place it on the face (15 min).

3. Body Treatment

  • Spray on the skin whenever you feel uncomfortable.
  • Clean wound, sprays directly to the necessary affected area.
  • Improvement on skin quality, sprays on the skin after cleansing, pats it gently until skin absorption.

4. Breast Treatment

  • Breast detoxification, spray it from the armpit to the entire breast after cleansing. Do gently massages for better result.
  • Tumor Treatment: Spray 3 times daily on the affected area.

Product Testimony

Before After
Pimples on face gradually disappeared after 3 weeks
Before After

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